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We at BSM Management & Support GmbH have a vision: We want to enable everyone to use the distinctive, secure, transparent and innovative blockchain technology. And this regardless of whether they are poor or rich and where they live.

We wish that monopolists are encouraged to rethink through decentralization. Blockchain can do much more than just Bitcoin. It only needs to be properly understood and used, then the unique Blockchain will bring added value to all people on earth.


The Blockchain technology is the same all over the world. It knows no differences, no borders, no tariffs, no taxes. That is why it offers equal opportunities to all people in the world.

BSM Management & Support GmbH wants to develop with its customers high quality technology products and be a pioneer for IT solutions on blockchain basis, which improve the world sustainably.


Our visionary thinking drives us on and on and ensures the continuous development of the company. All employees are fully involved with their ideas and creativity. Demanding and promoting performance without overtaxing is an integral part of our corporate culture.

„With our customers we shape the future. Flexibility, creativity and quality are our strengths“.



Here life experience meets several years of experience in the field of block chain technology. Mr. Bauer is not only responsible for the business management of BSM Management & Support GmbH, but is also its visionary and idea provider.

„When starting a business, the challenges are often the same. It is not unusual for very good and innovative ideas to end up in the trash bin because you want to take care of everything on your own. Dealing with trivialities, with unimportant matters and possibly even with mistrust and disputes instead of defining the goal, seriously pursuing it via intermediate goals and finally achieving it“.

BSM management & support Geschäftsführer

BSM Management & Support teams


A project stands or falls with the concept – the concept is therefore one of the most important points in projects development. This is why we invest a lot of time and effort in this important phase.


We involve you in the planning process at an early stage. Because we believe that a sophisticated concept is the basic core for a successful project implementation.

assessment & Consulting

At BSM Management & Support, we value evaluation and consulting. Especially with such important topics as investments, which sometimes involve a lot of money, it is a matter of course for us to offer our customers the best service. That is why we have our own team responsible for valuation and advice.


It examines every project with a keen eye – right from the start. In this way, we can always provide you with advice that is tailored to your needs. So that you are always fully informed and can make the right decisions.


To be able to support you in the best possible way with your projects and investments, we always have to keep up with the latest developments. Therefore our technology is based on the latest standards of the block chain industry.


Our competent team always ensures that the right infrastructure is provided for your projects.


The entire blockchain technology is based on programming and data. Our development team is experienced with block chain technologies and can proudly claim to have already completed a wide range of projects successfully and in high quality. Nevertheless, we continue to train ourselves regularly and follow the latest trends in the industry.


Every project goes live once and is tested. With our support teams, service levels 1-3 with qualified SLA’s are available to you and support you as required. This way we can help you with any problems and solve them. It is one of our highest goals that our customers are satisfied and feel well looked after.