BSM Management Support created STO, Dapp and other Blockchain projects.

The success factor depends on the idea of assessing these correctly and evaluating them appropriately in terms of opportunities and risks.

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The project plan forms the basis of every idea and plays a central role in its success and implementation.
The project plan not only defines the basic functions and added value of the idea.


Probably the best known link between block chain and investment is Bitcoin. But the block chain offers far more options than investment. See for yourself how to create an investment on the block chain.

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A quick overview of our company as well as valuable information about our projects and what we can do for you as investor or start-up, as a compact whitepaper for download here.  

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STO Security Token Offering. Let us implement your project as STO. Including company formation, notary, legal advice, account and company valuation. BSM Management Support makes your visions come true as DApp.  

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MN Solution

We offer master nodes available on the market for purchase. Our service: Exchange the right coins, provide servers, run setup and install the master node. The activated master node is then transferred. A watchdog checks the function and offers support.

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Ready made solutions

Most projects are set up according to the same principle. That means we have ready solutions for digitization and STO projects. This saves resources and sometimes reduces costs, because we do not reinvent the wheel, but use the tried and tested.

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Customized solution

The invention of the block chain is comparable to the invention of the Internet. What can the block chain technology do for you? BSM Management Support looks together with you into the future and we also develop individual solutions for your ideas.

We digitize your company/project with BLockchain

BSM Management & Support is specialized in project work. We develop blockchain solutions according to customer specifications. Innovative solutions based on their ideas. We digitalize your project or company. You have the big vision, we have the finished solution to implement it.

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Make your business processes highly secure, transparent, scalable and globally accessible

We provide you with a complete package of services – a team of concept developers, software developers, market experts and approval experts who know this technology inside out and use the necessary tools and languages to realize your brand on the Blockchain.

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Create your own STO now!

STO is the abbreviation for Security Token Offering. STO is a method of raising capital from investors. Companies offer investors self-created block chain tokens that are linked to certain rights, such as a share in company profits, as part of an STO. This possibility of investing capital in blockchain-based form offers security compared to Bitcoin & Co., because the participation in company profits is ensured by the block chain. Contrary to the better-known ICO Initial Coin Offering, the BaFin has significantly less concerns about the protection of investors when approving STO.

Whether your project can be implemented as STO or even additionally as DApp (decentralized app), we as BSM Management Support will gladly check for you free of charge.  

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white label

We also offer our developed products and services as white label solutions. This saves considerable costs for the client and offers the possibility to enter a current market quickly and with significantly lower risk. Sometimes it has to happen quickly if you want to participate in a market. With white-label solutions, the focus is on rapid availability. The layout and structure of the service are integrated into the existing structure. Of course, white label solutions can be individually extended. 

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Industries we serve

The blockchain technology makes a lot of sense in many areas and can bring much more benefit than is currently researched or implemented. Nevertheless, we cannot and do not want to serve every request. If you want to digitalize your company or your product, you have come to the right place. This includes in particular Start Ups and the sectors real estate, environment, data protection, sports, logistics and companies that want to implement the easier way to the stock exchange. No matter how crazy or complex your idea may seem to you, let’s talk together free of charge about how much potential is behind it.

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Support and Scale

During the project phase we provide you with a team that supports you with a deep understanding of your project and the technology involved. Customer support in the form of first and second level, as well as a team for maintenance and third level, as well as for the further development of your product is available to you if required. You will receive support as needed.

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